Rise Capital works across a multitude of project types. We have experience in single and multi-family renovations, condo conversions and new construction for single and multi-unit dwellings. Every project is unique and we develop it in the way that best meets the needs of the neighborhoods and future residents.
Rise Capital goes beyond development, we help investors maximize their returns. Investors are able to partner up alongside with us on development or hold projects. Also, through our brokerage we can help investors find the right property for themselves and manage it for them.
Off Market Listings
Rise Capital present a unique opportunity for investors to find projects that are not listed on the market and are trading below market values. We are able to help investors with development or those project or simply provide high level guidance.
  • Acquisition
  • Financing
  • Developing
  • Marketing, Selling and Managing

We identify projects through our extensive network of in-house and outside realtors. We also work with banks to identify foreclosure properties and work with owners to help them get the best value for their property. Rise Capital always looks beyond the current building or land, we evaluate project opportunity based on the extensive data and experience to determine what that project can evolve into.

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Projects are financed through partnerships with local banks and investors. Rise Capital believes that having local financing is crucial as investors and banks are able to better evaluate the project potential and are more willing to invest into a project. Relationship and trust are the crucial components with both institutional and individual investors.

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Rise Capital always focuses on the neighborhood feel in helping determine what kind of style of the developments it will be. For larger projects we take into consideration concerns of the neighbors to ensure project fits into the existing ecosystem while meeting the needs of the future owners.

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Marketing, Selling and Managing

In the areas where we have familiarity we rely on in-house team of agents to market and sell properties. We are able to do the research on pricing and market trends before we go to the market. For the properties that are kept as investments we rely on our own property management team to manage the buildings and tenant needs.

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Meet the Founders

The journey at Rise Capital began back in 2012 with just a single project and over the years evolved into a real-estate investment and development enterprise. Gene and Ilya bring experiences across multiple diverse industries and apply their expertise to achieve optimal results for investors and clients. Gene's sales and real estate background makes him a key to acquisitions. Ilya's deep knowledge and experience in strategy, operations and finance ensures that projects are executed properly and meet financial goals. Quality and exceeding client expectations is the number one priority at Rise Capital.

In addition to being partners Ilya and Gene are also brothers-in-law. They rely on each other to guide decisions and execution at Rise Capital. The business and family are intertwined and it is what makes both of them so passionate about what they do.

Ilya Zvenigorodskiy Co-founder

Over 7 years or real estate investment and development experience. Ilya received MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management. Ilya’s focus is on project financing, operations and risk management.

Gene Bernshtein Co-founder

Over 10 years of real estate experience as investor, developer and broker. Gene focuses on project acquisition and project execution.

Meet our team